We’re getting there! 🙂

With just four weeks to go to our first official get together, plans are beginning to take shape.

As you know we’ve got our conductor finalised. Carolyn is on board, and ready to meet with all on September 6th.  By the way for anyone who is interested, Fred, the band that Carolyn plays keyboard and sings with are playing in the Grain Store at Ballymaloe on this Friday August 12.  You can book tickets through a link from the LIVE section of Fred the Band’s Website.

This week we’re working on getting insurance for the choir sorted out

We’ve become a member of the Association of Irish Choirs.  We believe that we will derive benefits from this affiliation over the year

We’ve had some difficulties with time clashes with our original choice of practice hall, so we’ve had to change our plans. We’re practically finalised on a very suitable alternative. More in the coming days on this.

Our Second Session is planned, for August 20th and we have tentatively planned several more out to February 2012.  Watch this space.

The Christmas Party date is set, and the venue is booked. (The Chairman says “If you fail to plan you plan to fail!!”)

Now I know we haven’t even met as a group yet, but we’re tentatively working on a first official performance for sometime in November. (The Chairman also says “There’s nothing like a deadline to focus the mind”)

We’re up to 47 followers on Twitter, not bad, aiming for 50 now, after that, who knows?   Twitter is a good place to get all the Barony news snippets and keep up with our “Song of the Day”?

Facebook we’re not so good here.  We badly need some ‘Likes’ on the Barony Facebook Page can you help us out?

And we’ve only one lonely comment on our guestbook so far (loads of spammers though nut they all get deleted automatically. Go on, be a devil, write something!  Tell us what you think of the website…. or anything.  All non-spam comments will be published.  One more comment will be a 100% increase!! 🙂


Anyway, it’s all systems go for September 6th.

By the way, we’re still recruiting, so if you’re interested, or know someone in East Cork who is interested, just get an email to us and we’ll take it from there.