Just a quick post today…

Only 8days to go to ‘take-off’ and we can’t wait!!

We’ve created a google map to help Barony Choir members find the location for our first meeting and regular choir rehearsals. The link to the map is here .   

We also have a link over there in the right hand margin in the Blogroll section, so easy access whichever section of the website you happen to be in. If you’re not too good on map reading, just get to Midleton and ask anyone where the CBS Secondary school is.

We’re up to 28 confirmed members, (totally coincidentally the same number of ‘Likes’ we have on our Facebook page) so with just a week left to the first meeting we’re very close to our target of 30 members, and who knows?….. still a week to go!!

That’s it for the moment…. as we always say, check back regularly for more updates! 🙂