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Another year over

Well, our second season came to a close last night with our final practice, and while some members are looking forward to the summer break, I know a few others went home wondering what they’ll do with themselves for the next 13 Tuesday evenings until we resume on September 3rd. 🙂

We had a short rehearsal last evening, followed by a review of the 2012/2013 season.  While we didn’t have as many performances as we had hoped, we are all delighted with the progress we’ve made musically, and our repertoire has grown substantially during the season.  We also looked ahead to 2013/2014 season, and are excited and looking forward to a busy season which will include participating in some competitions which will be another new step for us.

We have one (little) event left to bring our season to a close.  Our Summer Barbecue is on June 7th and we’re all looking forward to that.

Finally, if you want to check out our singing, we’ve posted a couple of videos on Youtube, and you can see them at

We are on the lookout for new members, so if you want to join a friendly choir that’s going places, contact us on




Where have we been?

It’s been a while since we posted in the news section of the choir, but here we are, back again and resolute that we will post more regularly.

So, what’s been happening?

Well we’ve been practicing weekly, and our conductor Alan tells us we’re improving!!

We attended an inter-choral evening hosted by the Airport Singers recently in St. Finbarrs GAA club in Togher and we all had a great night out.

We had a ‘little’ seisiún in The Hole in the Wall after Practice on a recent Tuesday night, that was well attended and good craic.

The Cheltenham Foxhunters Trophy made a guest appearance at our Choir Practice recently, a great photo opportunity for our members. 🙂

We’re preparing for another Choral evening in Ballincollig on Friday April 12th, and we’re all looking forward to that.

Our membership is now at about 30 singers, but we’re still short on Tenors and Basses so if you know any male singers looking for a fun choir to sing with, send them our way!!


Well we’re on our summer break, and while some are glad of the break, others are wondering what they’ll do with their Tuesday nights!! 🙂

We had our break-up barbecue in Water Rock House on Friday last, and while it was a great occasion as we celebrated the conclusion of our very first season in existence, it was also tinged with sadness as our conductor Síona Mahon is moving abroad and unfortunately from our perspective we have lost a good friend and a super conductor.

We had a terrific meal prepared by Tom Cleere and his team, and Chairman Niall Coffey gave a brief speech, thanking everyone for their dedication and attendance during the season and also thanking Síona for the time and work she put into helping us to improve.  We presented Síona with a beautiful card handmade by one of our members Patsy, and then Síona gave spoke of her enjoyment in working with us and the enthusiasm shown by all members which is great to hear.

With the formalities out of the way we had a ‘good oul’ singsong, with contributions from all our members (as it shuld be) and tunes from Collette, Ian and Síona.

A great night had by all, and we’re looking forward to a new season with a new conductor starting in September.



The summer is coming

Well, we’re heading towards the end of our season, but we still have a couple of performances left to go.


We had an excellent session in Cliffords Bar in Castlemartyr on Satyrday April 28th. We had 12 musicians, and many singers besides. Great music and songs, and great craic.

On Friday Night May 11th, we’re performing at an inter-choral evening in Bishopstown hosted by the Cantabile Vocal Ensemble.

We have performed at a few of these since we started up in September,  and they’ve been great craic;  so much so that we’re working on orgainising hosting one ourselves in the Autumn.

We have also been asked to perform at the Commodore Choir’s concert on May 25th Cobh, and we’re looking forward to that too.

We’re also working on a ‘secret plan’ to finish our season, but more on that anon.

Check back soon for more updates….


Spring has sprung

What have we been up to I hear you ask.

Well we’ve been busy working on new songs for our repertoire,  It’s tough starting from scratch, but we’ve been working hard on this and we’re making good progress.

We performed on Friday March 23rd at the Note Perfect Inter Choral Evening in Ballinacollig, and had a very enjoyable evening of music, right down to the sing song at the end of the night.  It’s the third Inter Choral evening that we’ve performed at and we’re delighted to have been invited to them and for being given the opportunity to take part.

We have a busy few weeks coming up as we head towards the summer holidays; we have three invitations to sing at various functions over the next four to six weeks and we’ll tell you more about these in upcoming posts.

We’re still recruiting members, we’d love to get more altos, tenors and basses. We’d love more sopranos too, but we’d love more altos, tenors and basses even more 🙂

We practice from 7.30 to 9.30 in Water Rock House every Tuesday, and if you’re interested or know someone who’s interested, get an email to us with your contact details and we’ll we delighted to welcome you.



What’s been happening

The madness that is Christmas is well under way, and The Barony Choir have been playing their part in the madness too.

On December 10th we descended on Water Rock House for our Christmas ‘do’ and thanks to Tom Cleere and his staff for a fantastic meal and great hospitality.

After the meal we had a good ol’ sing song, and all the choirt members and a number of guests were in fine voice and rattled off loads of songs through the evening.

It transpired that Tom Cleere was celebrating a ‘significant’ birthday on the same day so Tom and members of his family joined us for some songs and recitations towards the end of the evening.  We think we can safely say that all present enjoyed a great night.

And if that wasn’t enough, we gave our second public performance on stage in the Grand Parade in Cork City Sunday evening December 18th to support the Irish Cancer Society in their fund raising efforts.  We performed about 10 songs, a mixture of Christmas Carols and contemporary songs and going by the positive reaction from the audience and some biased family members we were brilliant!! 🙂    Many thanks to Carolyn our Conductor for taking time out from her hectic schedule for the performance and to Michael our accompanist also.

Finally, we want to give a special mention to Sue, and wish her a speedy recovery.

We’re on a break now for the Christmas season, and rehearsals will resume on January 3rd.

We wish you all a very Happy Christmas and hope you can make it to hear us in the new year.


What’s been happening?

Apologies, it’s been several weeks since I updated the blog…  We’ve been busy!!

Well, we’re up and running, it’s been a bit of a frenzy of photocopying and disk duplicating, and we’ve moved from the CBS to Water Rock house for our rehearsals which have been excellent, and we’re improving every week.

On the agenda at the moment we have a session coming up on November 12th in Water Rock House,  we’ve had two sessions in Water Rock in the last couple of months, and they were great craic, so we’ll be hoping to have another good one that night.  The Christmas party is finalised, and we’ll be sorting out the numbers and the menu in the next week or so.  We’re on the look out for a location (or two) for our first performances in the run up to Christmas, so if you know of a Christmas concert in East Cork that we could participate in let us know.

We have about 30 members at present,  and we’re on the lookout for a few more males to bolster the ranks of the Tenors and Basses..

That’s the update for the moment, more anon.









Guestbook is gone

Quick update. Looking forward to first rehearsal tomorrow night.
We’ve taken down the guestbook page from the website. It was getting plagued by spammers, and it wasn’t getting much use otherwise. We might try it again sometime in the future.

Don’t forget, session on Saturday night in Water Rock House.  Come along for a night of music and craic!!


We’re up and running!!

We’re absolutely delighted!!  Our first meeting went swimmingly well.  We had twenty five people in attendance, and with apologies from several members, our target of thirty people to start with is pretty much achieved.

We had a little surprise (well two actually) for our new members.  The first was that we had some wine and soft drinks to greet everyone as they arrived, and as you’d expect this was well received!!

After working through our agenda, we sprung our second surprise; advising all present that they would have to take a voice test to establish what  section of the choir they will in.  This one wasn’t quite as well received as the first, but everyone took the test and now our conductor Carolyn Goodwin has a good idea of where we all slot in to the big picture.

So now we’re all ready for our first rehearsal, on Tuesday September 20th, and I believe that everyone present on the night is looking forward to that and some are even wishing it would start next week.

So, that’s that, and now moving on, it’s time for another session!! so after the success of our recent night in Water Rock House, we’re planning to return there for another night on September 24th.  More details about start times will follow in due course.

Well that’s the update for the moment.  We’ll keep you posted regarding any updates.



Just a week to go now!

With just a week to go, I think we’re all set for our very first official meeting of The Barony Choir.   At the moment, we have twenty six signed-up members, stretching from Cork City in the west to Killeagh in the east, so we’re truly an East Cork choir!!  Initially we set a goal of 20 members and then stretched it to 30, so we’re absolutely delighted with the current number, and who knows, we still have a week!!

We had a planning meeting with Carolyn during the week, and she’s finalising the first pieces for the repertoire.  We’re really excited with the initial selection of  pieces, and we’re sure our members will be too.

The initial meeting on September 6th will be held in the CBS secondary school in Midleton, and practices will also take place there starting on September 20th.  The initial meeting will be a ‘getting to know you’ session, so everyone gets to know everyone.  The social and fun aspect of the choir is vital, so we’re intent that everyone gets to know everyone.  We’ll also discuss our hopes and plans, and might even do a little singing.

Speaking of the social and fun aspect, we had a session in Castlemartyr last night, and we had mighty craic, but we’re hoping that after we get up and running that we’ll encourage more members to join us at the sessions which will be held at various hostelries around East Cork.

That’s it for the moment, we’ll be texting members in the next few days with the start time for the meeting on Tuesday the 6th, and we’re really looking forward to meeting all our members and making new friends through music.