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We’re planning another music session, and we’ll probably try out a new location too.  Well it’s not exactly a ‘new’  location as such, more like a different location!!   More on that later, but suffice it to say that it will be in East Cork, and in the general Midleton area.

As to the date for the session, well, we’re looking at either the 13th of August or the 20th of August.  Comments regarding preferences for date would be welcome, and we’ll try to take the views of the majority into account.

More updates in the next few days, so keep checking back.




We’re nearly there!!

Great News!

We’re delighted to announce that we have secured the services of Ms. Carolyn Goodwin as Conductor and Musical Director of the Barony Choir.

Carolyn is from Cork City, and works full time in the Music Business.  Carolyn teaches music, and plays piano with  well-known and well-respected Cork Band, Fred.  Carolyn also plays Saxophone and sings, with groups such as the Carolyn Goodwin Quintet.

As you can see Carolyn is a very busy lady, and we’re  absolutely delighted she has agreed to join us.

Now that we have completed this critical step of our start-up process, we’re pretty much ready to roll and get things moving from early September, with our first meeting tentativey scheduled for Turesday September 6th.

Check back for more updates over the coming days, and we’ll be tweeting and maybe even some facebooking too.


Where have we been?

You’re probably thinking it’s been a while since anyone posted anything, what’s happening with the Barony Choir?

Well we haven’t been slouching, we’ve been working away in the background, making preparations so that when start-up time comes in September we’ll ‘hit the ground running’

Since we last posted, we hit our target of 30 followers on twitter we’re still looking for more followers, so tell your friends to ‘give us a follow’  We’ve also set up our facebook page, but that’s progressing much more slowly and will do until we have events we want to promote etc.  But anyway it’s up there and you can check it out by logging into facebook and searching on barony.

At present we’re working on finalising a conductor which obviously is a critical part of any choir.  We’ve made some progress in this and may conclude the process in the coming days.

After the success of the last session in Castlemartyr we’re also working on another one for sometime in mid-August, (the 13th or the 20th)  we’ll keep you posted with date, time & location as plans develop.

As soon as we have ‘white smoke’ you’ll be the first to know.

That’s it for the moment, as we have more to announce, you’ll find it here first, so check back frequently.


It’s the weekend

Well, the weekend is here, the space shuttle has taken off for the last time and the News of the World will be published for the last time on Sunday.

Loads of activity and a couple of ‘last times’ going on around the world.

Lots going on in Ireland too.  Oxegen is on this weekend, loads of music for young (and not so young) happening from today until Sunday and loads happening in Cork too, with Music in the City, Damien Dempsey, Mundy, and Westlife are among the acts playing around the city over the weekend.

Closer to home in East Cork; the Medieval Festival takes place in Carraigtwohill on Saturday and Sunday and there’s a Teddy Bears’ picnic on in Fota, so plenty happening.

With all the Last Time stuff going on, it’s hard to believe that we only went ‘live’ with getting the Barony Choir organised a little over two weeks ago.  Already we’ve got over 20 members which was our original target, and now we’re aiming at 30, we’ve had our inaugural session and our website and twitter account are up and running.  We’re only one follower off our target of ’30 followers by the end of this week’, so hopefully we’ll hit the target by the end of the weekend.  We’re already working on a location and date for our next session, the first one was brilliant, and hopefully we’ll match it next time out.

On the long term planning side of things, we’ve got the Christmas party all lined up and ready to go, more on that to be announced in due course.

Nothing to report on the foreign trip yet, but we’re looking at February 2012, so lots of time to get organised there.

Anyway that’s the update for now, enjoy the weekend, and check back again soon for more updates.


Just a brief posting for today.

Remember that target from yesterday of 20 followers on twitter???

Just one day later, and we’re at 21 already, and many of them are choirs and singing groups from US and the UK.  Next target 30 followers!!

Check us out here or click the ‘Twitter Follow’ button in the right hand margin over there.

30 followers here we come!!  when we get to 50 we’ll have a go at facebook!!  🙂





Recruiting continues

As mentioned previously, we’re delighted that we’ve reached our target of 20 members for our new choir which will be based in EastCork.

However, we’ve decided to be a little more adventurous and aim a little higher, so our new target is 30 members.  If you know someone who lives in East Cork, or near it, and who sings in the shower or is forever singing along to the radio, tell them about us and encourage them to send us an email on   We’d love to hear from them.

We’re still looking for more twitter followers, we’re in double digits now with 14 followers, so the next target is to get to 20.  So if you tweet, why not follow us for all the up-to-the-minute news of the choir.

Well, that’s it for the moment, more updates to follow in the next few days..


Great session in Cliffords.

Clifford’s Bar in Castlemartyr was buzzing as the Barony Choir’s inaugural session kicked off at about 10.15 last night. We had fantastic music and singers, and thanks to everyone who travelled from far and near to sing, play or listen. Last night we had singers, musicians and guests from Cork, Cobh, Castlemartyr, Midleton, Ladysbridge, Ballynoe, Ballinacurra, Ballycotton and more places besides. Thanks also to Anne and Ned Clifford for their hospitality in accommodating us and putting up with us, and for the fine snacks which were devoured with gusto.
The good news is that in the course of the session we signed up a new member for the choir (this committee never rests!!)
It was great to have new singers and musicians with us, and we hope that everyone enjoyed the craic and will come back again in the future. We absolutely love to hear new songs and new pieces of music, and perhaps over the coming months we’ll encourage more new singers and musicians to join in the fun and music.
Well, it’s fantastic to have given the Barony Choir a positive kick-off, and hopefully it’s the first of many good nights out in the future of this group.


July is upon us

Summertime and the livin’ is easy!

Well, it’s July, and the weather is (a little) warmer so you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s summer.

The committee isn’t getting caught up in the hype of the changed flavour of Tanora, or the fact that the economy is in bits, we’re remaining focused on the job at hand of getting the Barony Choir up and running in East Cork.

All the plans are in place for the session tomorrow night, and the background work to get the choir up and running by Early September is continuing.  We’re still recruiting, so if you’re singing at a session or even sitting in your car listening to the radio and singing along and you’re approached to join a choir, don’t be surprised!! 🙂

Also, if you’re interested in joining, you can email us at

Progress on the twitter has been positive; we’re following 107 tweeters, mostly choirs from various parts of the world, and local people and businesses in East Cork.  We’re up to 11 followers now, and thanks to all of them for following us.  Hopefully we’ll get some more in the coming days and weeks. If you want to follow us, our twitter name is easy to remember it’s @baronychoir.

Stay tuned for more updates!!