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T-8 and counting……

Just a quick post today…

Only 8days to go to ‘take-off’ and we can’t wait!!

We’ve created a google map to help Barony Choir members find the location for our first meeting and regular choir rehearsals. The link to the map is here .   

We also have a link over there in the right hand margin in the Blogroll section, so easy access whichever section of the website you happen to be in. If you’re not too good on map reading, just get to Midleton and ask anyone where the CBS Secondary school is.

We’re up to 28 confirmed members, (totally coincidentally the same number of ‘Likes’ we have on our Facebook page) so with just a week left to the first meeting we’re very close to our target of 30 members, and who knows?….. still a week to go!!

That’s it for the moment…. as we always say, check back regularly for more updates! 🙂


Just a week to go now!

With just a week to go, I think we’re all set for our very first official meeting of The Barony Choir.   At the moment, we have twenty six signed-up members, stretching from Cork City in the west to Killeagh in the east, so we’re truly an East Cork choir!!  Initially we set a goal of 20 members and then stretched it to 30, so we’re absolutely delighted with the current number, and who knows, we still have a week!!

We had a planning meeting with Carolyn during the week, and she’s finalising the first pieces for the repertoire.  We’re really excited with the initial selection of  pieces, and we’re sure our members will be too.

The initial meeting on September 6th will be held in the CBS secondary school in Midleton, and practices will also take place there starting on September 20th.  The initial meeting will be a ‘getting to know you’ session, so everyone gets to know everyone.  The social and fun aspect of the choir is vital, so we’re intent that everyone gets to know everyone.  We’ll also discuss our hopes and plans, and might even do a little singing.

Speaking of the social and fun aspect, we had a session in Castlemartyr last night, and we had mighty craic, but we’re hoping that after we get up and running that we’ll encourage more members to join us at the sessions which will be held at various hostelries around East Cork.

That’s it for the moment, we’ll be texting members in the next few days with the start time for the meeting on Tuesday the 6th, and we’re really looking forward to meeting all our members and making new friends through music.


Well, what do you know? Just when we thought it was going to be a quiet weekend, hot on the heels of last weekend’s session, we’ve been invited to be involved in another session on Saturday August 27.

This time we’re returning to Cliffords in Castlemartyr, where we had our first Barony Session in Early July.  We’re delighted to be associated with the opening of the Castlemartyr Woodland Walks, and as always we look forward to having a session and to playing music and singing.  Here’s a link to the poster for the session.

So if you’re interested in some music and singing songs, be sure to drop in and enjoy the craic.  Whether you want to sing, or play an instrument or just enjoy the craic, you’ll be equally welcome.

On other matters, we’re finalising our preparations for the first meeting of the choir, and we’re really looking forward to getting things up and going.  We’re working on putting an initial repertoire of music together at the moment, so we’ll be ready to distribute that on the first night.

As you know we’re regular ‘tweeters’ and we’ve had one or two enquiries about possible performances already, but more about that in due course.

As always, if you have any queries about joining the choir, or anything relating to our activities, send us an email and we’ll get back to you.

That’s the end of this brief update, sorry for the short notice on the session, but better late than never! 🙂

Check back soon for more updates.



The Session

We had a mighty session in Water Rock House last night. We had guitars, banjos, whistles, flute, fiddles and a mandolin and people to play them of course!

Although we were scheduled to start at 9.30, it’s Irish Time, so that really meant sometime after ten and we got going ‘right on time’ at about 10.15. We had lots of singers present, and all willing to give us a few ‘bars’, so there was great variety, we got everything from Bagatelle’s Summer in Dublin to The Isle of Inisfree to Come Back Paddy Reilly to Niall and Sean’s somewhat irreverent medley to quiet songs like Leaving the Land and Carrickfergus and loads of others.  We had loads of Jigs and reels and polkas too, and one or two slow airs thrown in for good measure.  The order was excellent, and I think everyone enjoyed the evening.

Thanks a million to Tom Cleere and Trish for their hospitality, the finger food was a great addition and very welcome!  All that singing and playing is hungry as well as thirsty work!!

Below are a couple of pics from the session. Enjoy, and maybe come along to the next one and experience it for yourself.  This is a great location for a session, we’ll be back!!

Some of the gang that came to see and listen

Some of the gang that came to see and listen









Tuning - The important pre-session activities under way

Tuning - The important pre-session activities under way












Warming up the Vocal Chords

Warming up the Vocal Chords



First there were three

First there were three










In Full Swing

In Full Swing










With the session sorted now, it’s full steam ahead with preparations for getting the choir up and running. Next deadline is September 6th, our very first official meeting of the Barony Choir.  We’re looking forward to it!!  And we’ll be planning the next session in the meantime!

Keep checking back for updates.


Whazzup for the weekend?

Well apparently there are loads of things happening this weekend; there’s the Redheads Convention in Crosshaven, and there’s the Decades Festival in Cork City and there’s the Medieval Festival in Youghal and even the Fleadh in Cavan Town. But top of our list of events this weekend is our Music Session in Water Rock House.

We’re hoping for a good attendance, and planning to have a great night of Songs, Music, Craic and a few drinks thrown in for Good Measure.  We’re aiming to start at about 9.30pm, it’ll be getting dark at that time anyway so what else would you be doing?  Sure there’s nothing on the telly, so you might as well drop in to see us and join in the music and craic.

For more details about the session you can check out the poster here

Access to Water Rock House on the N25 from the Midleton direction is closed, so the choices are take the N25 to Carrigtwohill swing around and take the left to Water Rock House from the Cork side, or alternatively take the ‘back road’ by Mill Road.

There’s a google map to show you the ‘back road’ route here

If you want to stay in regular contact with us:

Follow us on Twitter: Here we’re regular tweeters

We’re on Facebook too: Like our page Here to see our Song of the day, delivered directly to your Facebook page every day. .

Our startup date is getting close now, just over a week away on September 6th.  If you like to sing and are interested in Joining is, why not email us with your contact details and we’ll get back to you or approach any of us; Terry, Niall or Sean at the session and we’ll let you know what’s happening.

Finally, here’s a link to our Home Page

That’s all for now, check back again soon, we’ll have more updates and maybe some pics from the session in the next few days.


We’re so excited!

And we just can’t hide it!!

It’s ok, we’re not about to lose control like the song says, but things are really coming together now and it’s all beginning to change from speculation and dream to reality.

We bought the folders for the music for the members just a few days ago, and our certificate of insurance arrived yesterday, so we’re another two steps closer to our initial meeting on September 6th, just under three weeks away now.

At the moment we’re workling with Carolyn our conductor to select some initial pieces the choir can get it’s teeth into, so we can have music ready for members at the first rehearsal session on September 20th.

In the meantime we’re working on the session that’s coming up on Saturday night next, and doing some PR.   We’re hoping to get a mention in the East Cork News this week, and on CRY the community radio station in Youghal and we’ve emailed the Midleton News requesting a mention in their next edition.  We’re still ‘tweeting’ and ‘facebooking’ like mad, and our list of followers is growing all the time.  The Twitter and Facebook links are in the right hand margin if you’re interested, and love to get some more ‘likes’ on our Facebook Page.

So with three days to go we’re inviting anyone in East Cork (or from anywhere else for that matter) who likes to have a bit of craic to come along and enjoy some music, if you play an instrument or sing that’s great or if you just like to listen that’s great too.

And with less than two weeks to go to our initial formal meeting of the choir, we’re still recruiting, so email us with your contact details and we’ll call you back.

That’s it for the moment, check back soon for more updates.


Are we there yet?

We’re getting there! 🙂

With just four weeks to go to our first official get together, plans are beginning to take shape.

As you know we’ve got our conductor finalised. Carolyn is on board, and ready to meet with all on September 6th.  By the way for anyone who is interested, Fred, the band that Carolyn plays keyboard and sings with are playing in the Grain Store at Ballymaloe on this Friday August 12.  You can book tickets through a link from the LIVE section of Fred the Band’s Website.

This week we’re working on getting insurance for the choir sorted out

We’ve become a member of the Association of Irish Choirs.  We believe that we will derive benefits from this affiliation over the year

We’ve had some difficulties with time clashes with our original choice of practice hall, so we’ve had to change our plans. We’re practically finalised on a very suitable alternative. More in the coming days on this.

Our Second Session is planned, for August 20th and we have tentatively planned several more out to February 2012.  Watch this space.

The Christmas Party date is set, and the venue is booked. (The Chairman says “If you fail to plan you plan to fail!!”)

Now I know we haven’t even met as a group yet, but we’re tentatively working on a first official performance for sometime in November. (The Chairman also says “There’s nothing like a deadline to focus the mind”)

We’re up to 47 followers on Twitter, not bad, aiming for 50 now, after that, who knows?   Twitter is a good place to get all the Barony news snippets and keep up with our “Song of the Day”?

Facebook we’re not so good here.  We badly need some ‘Likes’ on the Barony Facebook Page can you help us out?

And we’ve only one lonely comment on our guestbook so far (loads of spammers though nut they all get deleted automatically. Go on, be a devil, write something!  Tell us what you think of the website…. or anything.  All non-spam comments will be published.  One more comment will be a 100% increase!! 🙂


Anyway, it’s all systems go for September 6th.

By the way, we’re still recruiting, so if you’re interested, or know someone in East Cork who is interested, just get an email to us and we’ll take it from there.



More on the August Session

In case you haven’t heard, we’re having another music session in Water Rock House on Saturday August 20th, and in case you don’t see our session posters in shop windows or on Notice Boards around East Cork, you’ve no excuse now, because here’s a Mini Version of the Poster for the August 20th session.

To view the full size version click in the mini poster below

                    Barony Choir August Session

Barony Choir Session



Well September is getting closer, and the Barony Choir committee are going full steam ahead with the plans for start up in September.

At present the plan is as follows:

Inaugral meeting, Tuesday September 6th

Initial Practice session Tuesday September 20th

But in the meantime we’re organising another music session, and the details are as follows:

Date Saturday August 20th

Location:  Water Rock House.   (Water Rock House is located between Midleton and Carrigtwohill, just off the main N25 Cork – Waterford Road.)  At present if travelling to Water Rock from  Midleton, the turn off is closed (central median) therefore the easiest alternative route is via the Mill Road and on past Water Rock Golf Club.   The following link shows a google map of the route from Midleton town centre.  Travelling from Cork, it’s no problem, just turn left at the sign, and it’s on the left.

Time:   Start up at 9.30ish   until Closing Time.

Good music and good craic is guaranteed.

We welcome musicians, singers, members and non members and wannabe members!!

Looking forward to seeing you all