Welcome to another update from the Barony Choir.

As we mentioned in our last post, we are now under the tutelage of Ms Sheena Mahon, and all the members are delighted with her patience and attention to detail.

Our membership became a little unsettled around the Christmas period, however I’m glad to say that it is settling now again with numbers in the mid twenties, and we’ve welcomed some new members in recent weeks which is great.

We’re still working on building our repertoire at present as any new choir needs to do, and this will continue over the coming months. We won’t let that stop us from performing though, so we’re preparing at present to perform at an Inter-Choral evening in Bandon on February 24th.  Our first performance in Novemeber was at one of these evenings, and we had great craic and enjoyed ‘the buzz’ of performing, because that’s what being in a choir is ultimately about.

As we always say, we’re still looking for new members, and if you enjoy singing in a fun environment, why not send us an email with your contact details and we’ll get back to you right away.

Well that’s it for the moment, thanks for taking the time to read our update and check back for more news soon