We’ve been tipping away over the summer months, putting some plans in place and making preparations for another exciting season for the Barony Choir.

This will be out third season in existence, and we’re delighted with the progress we’ve made to date.  The highlight of last season was singing in the Atrium at the Clarion Hotel in Cork; a ‘fringe’ event of the Cork International Choral Festival.

We’re recruiting new members for the new season at the moment, so of you sing in the shower and want to take it to the next level, why not contact us and join up?? 🙂

We’ll be starting back in early September, we practice on Tuesday Evenings from around 7.45.
So, if you’re thinking of trying something new this Autumn, give Choral Singing a go, and you’ll be delighted you did. Honestly!!

If you’re interested, contact us by email on baronychoir@gmail.com give us your phone number in the email, and we’ll call you back.