First Performance

Thanks a million to the Killeagh Choir for inviting us to their fun choral evening on Friday Nov. 25th in Midleton Park Hotel, and well done to all the choirs in attendance who gave great performances.

I think it’s safe to say that we all had a great night, and it was the perfect occasion for our debut performance.
We performed two songs; ‘Black is the Colour and Stand by Me, and while I might be somewhat biased, for whats it’s worth, I think we did a great job, and a big well done to all of our members.

It was a first choral performance for some of our members ad there were nerves at the outset, I feel confident when I say that the bug has well and truly bitten, and the committee will be under pressure to organise more performances in the near future.

The event was a ‘no pressure’ occasion, even though the entire audience was made up of choir members from choirs from around County Cork, but as it was billed, the focus was on fun, and after the performances by six choirs, a short table quiz was held, teas coffees and sandwiches were served, and then some dancing and more singing.

So, up to now we were a ‘Practising Choir’ and now we’ve stepped it up to the next level of ‘Performing Choir’.  What next??


We’re so excited!

And we just can’t hide it!!

It’s ok, we’re not about to lose control like the song says, but things are really coming together now and it’s all beginning to change from speculation and dream to reality.

We bought the folders for the music for the members just a few days ago, and our certificate of insurance arrived yesterday, so we’re another two steps closer to our initial meeting on September 6th, just under three weeks away now.

At the moment we’re workling with Carolyn our conductor to select some initial pieces the choir can get it’s teeth into, so we can have music ready for members at the first rehearsal session on September 20th.

In the meantime we’re working on the session that’s coming up on Saturday night next, and doing some PR.   We’re hoping to get a mention in the East Cork News this week, and on CRY the community radio station in Youghal and we’ve emailed the Midleton News requesting a mention in their next edition.  We’re still ‘tweeting’ and ‘facebooking’ like mad, and our list of followers is growing all the time.  The Twitter and Facebook links are in the right hand margin if you’re interested, and love to get some more ‘likes’ on our Facebook Page.

So with three days to go we’re inviting anyone in East Cork (or from anywhere else for that matter) who likes to have a bit of craic to come along and enjoy some music, if you play an instrument or sing that’s great or if you just like to listen that’s great too.

And with less than two weeks to go to our initial formal meeting of the choir, we’re still recruiting, so email us with your contact details and we’ll call you back.

That’s it for the moment, check back soon for more updates.


Session July 2nd 2011

Mini version of our poster for the session this coming weekend, shown below,  to see a full size version, click here.



Plans continue at pace

Good morning from the committee!

We’re continuing with the recruitment drive, and have secured another two members since the last update.

We’re well on target for our start date in early September.

We’re also working on the session for Saturday night; we have five or six musicians lined up and we’re working on getting a few more.

We normally have a good few singers, but we always welcome new singers for our sessions, the more the merrier.


Where:  Cliffords Lounge, Castlemartyr

Date:  Saturday July 2nd 2011

Time:  The sessions usually start about 10 ish and run on until closing time.


See you there!