The summer is coming

Well, we’re heading towards the end of our season, but we still have a couple of performances left to go.


We had an excellent session in Cliffords Bar in Castlemartyr on Satyrday April 28th. We had 12 musicians, and many singers besides. Great music and songs, and great craic.

On Friday Night May 11th, we’re performing at an inter-choral evening in Bishopstown hosted by the Cantabile Vocal Ensemble.

We have performed at a few of these since we started up in September,  and they’ve been great craic;  so much so that we’re working on orgainising hosting one ourselves in the Autumn.

We have also been asked to perform at the Commodore Choir’s concert on May 25th Cobh, and we’re looking forward to that too.

We’re also working on a ‘secret plan’ to finish our season, but more on that anon.

Check back soon for more updates….


Spring has sprung

What have we been up to I hear you ask.

Well we’ve been busy working on new songs for our repertoire,  It’s tough starting from scratch, but we’ve been working hard on this and we’re making good progress.

We performed on Friday March 23rd at the Note Perfect Inter Choral Evening in Ballinacollig, and had a very enjoyable evening of music, right down to the sing song at the end of the night.  It’s the third Inter Choral evening that we’ve performed at and we’re delighted to have been invited to them and for being given the opportunity to take part.

We have a busy few weeks coming up as we head towards the summer holidays; we have three invitations to sing at various functions over the next four to six weeks and we’ll tell you more about these in upcoming posts.

We’re still recruiting members, we’d love to get more altos, tenors and basses. We’d love more sopranos too, but we’d love more altos, tenors and basses even more 🙂

We practice from 7.30 to 9.30 in Water Rock House every Tuesday, and if you’re interested or know someone who’s interested, get an email to us with your contact details and we’ll we delighted to welcome you.



What’s been happening?

Welcome to another update from the Barony Choir.

As we mentioned in our last post, we are now under the tutelage of Ms Sheena Mahon, and all the members are delighted with her patience and attention to detail.

Our membership became a little unsettled around the Christmas period, however I’m glad to say that it is settling now again with numbers in the mid twenties, and we’ve welcomed some new members in recent weeks which is great.

We’re still working on building our repertoire at present as any new choir needs to do, and this will continue over the coming months. We won’t let that stop us from performing though, so we’re preparing at present to perform at an Inter-Choral evening in Bandon on February 24th.  Our first performance in Novemeber was at one of these evenings, and we had great craic and enjoyed ‘the buzz’ of performing, because that’s what being in a choir is ultimately about.

As we always say, we’re still looking for new members, and if you enjoy singing in a fun environment, why not send us an email with your contact details and we’ll get back to you right away.

Well that’s it for the moment, thanks for taking the time to read our update and check back for more news soon




First Performance

Thanks a million to the Killeagh Choir for inviting us to their fun choral evening on Friday Nov. 25th in Midleton Park Hotel, and well done to all the choirs in attendance who gave great performances.

I think it’s safe to say that we all had a great night, and it was the perfect occasion for our debut performance.
We performed two songs; ‘Black is the Colour and Stand by Me, and while I might be somewhat biased, for whats it’s worth, I think we did a great job, and a big well done to all of our members.

It was a first choral performance for some of our members ad there were nerves at the outset, I feel confident when I say that the bug has well and truly bitten, and the committee will be under pressure to organise more performances in the near future.

The event was a ‘no pressure’ occasion, even though the entire audience was made up of choir members from choirs from around County Cork, but as it was billed, the focus was on fun, and after the performances by six choirs, a short table quiz was held, teas coffees and sandwiches were served, and then some dancing and more singing.

So, up to now we were a ‘Practising Choir’ and now we’ve stepped it up to the next level of ‘Performing Choir’.  What next??


What’s been happening?

Apologies, it’s been several weeks since I updated the blog…  We’ve been busy!!

Well, we’re up and running, it’s been a bit of a frenzy of photocopying and disk duplicating, and we’ve moved from the CBS to Water Rock house for our rehearsals which have been excellent, and we’re improving every week.

On the agenda at the moment we have a session coming up on November 12th in Water Rock House,  we’ve had two sessions in Water Rock in the last couple of months, and they were great craic, so we’ll be hoping to have another good one that night.  The Christmas party is finalised, and we’ll be sorting out the numbers and the menu in the next week or so.  We’re on the look out for a location (or two) for our first performances in the run up to Christmas, so if you know of a Christmas concert in East Cork that we could participate in let us know.

We have about 30 members at present,  and we’re on the lookout for a few more males to bolster the ranks of the Tenors and Basses..

That’s the update for the moment, more anon.









Guestbook is gone

Quick update. Looking forward to first rehearsal tomorrow night.
We’ve taken down the guestbook page from the website. It was getting plagued by spammers, and it wasn’t getting much use otherwise. We might try it again sometime in the future.

Don’t forget, session on Saturday night in Water Rock House.  Come along for a night of music and craic!!


We’re up and running!!

We’re absolutely delighted!!  Our first meeting went swimmingly well.  We had twenty five people in attendance, and with apologies from several members, our target of thirty people to start with is pretty much achieved.

We had a little surprise (well two actually) for our new members.  The first was that we had some wine and soft drinks to greet everyone as they arrived, and as you’d expect this was well received!!

After working through our agenda, we sprung our second surprise; advising all present that they would have to take a voice test to establish what  section of the choir they will in.  This one wasn’t quite as well received as the first, but everyone took the test and now our conductor Carolyn Goodwin has a good idea of where we all slot in to the big picture.

So now we’re all ready for our first rehearsal, on Tuesday September 20th, and I believe that everyone present on the night is looking forward to that and some are even wishing it would start next week.

So, that’s that, and now moving on, it’s time for another session!! so after the success of our recent night in Water Rock House, we’re planning to return there for another night on September 24th.  More details about start times will follow in due course.

Well that’s the update for the moment.  We’ll keep you posted regarding any updates.



September 6th has finally arrived, and all the hard work of  ‘the committee’ will hopefully pay off when the inaugural meeting of the Barony Choir takes place in Midleton this evening.

We’ve reached our target of 30 members to get up and running, and now that we’re ‘a little short’ on males, we’ve started a waiting list for females and are still looking for male singers to join us.

We’re very excited at the prospect of this new choir, we’ll have experienced choir singers and first timers, and we’re hoping that everyone will get something from it, be it the joy of being part of a choir for the first time, or getting back into the swing of things for those returning to choir singing.

We think we have everything organised, but we’re not perfect, so if we’ve forgotten something, we’ll get it sorted as soon as possible, but we believe we have all the main things covered; we have enthusiastic people, we have a good location, we have an excellent conductor, what else do we need??

So here’s to a new beginning… Our aim is to have fun singing and making music, and that’s what we plan to do!!





Only four days to go now to the very first meeting of the Barony choir.  As things stand, we have reached our target of 30 members, and might even exceed it!!

On the virtual side of things, we’ve over 90 followers on Twitter, and we’re hoping to break the 100 followers landmark in the next few weeks.

But back in the real world, just this morning we took one of the very final steps towards being ready to “rock and roll”  We took delivery of our Keyboard, and not a moment too soon!!

Here’s a picture of it, (well the boxes)

Barony Choir New Keyboard

The Keyboard, just arrived!!

Barony Choir New Keyboard (Well the boxes!! 🙂



And here it is straight out of the box.

The Barony Choir Keyboard (No Boxes this time! :)

The Barony Choir Keyboard (No Boxes this time! 🙂












So that’s it now!!  all we can do is wait!!  The good thing is we don’t have to wait too long now, and it’ll be all systems go!

Looking forward to meeting all the members and making lots of new friends!

Check back again for more updates in the next few days


T-8 and counting……

Just a quick post today…

Only 8days to go to ‘take-off’ and we can’t wait!!

We’ve created a google map to help Barony Choir members find the location for our first meeting and regular choir rehearsals. The link to the map is here .   

We also have a link over there in the right hand margin in the Blogroll section, so easy access whichever section of the website you happen to be in. If you’re not too good on map reading, just get to Midleton and ask anyone where the CBS Secondary school is.

We’re up to 28 confirmed members, (totally coincidentally the same number of ‘Likes’ we have on our Facebook page) so with just a week left to the first meeting we’re very close to our target of 30 members, and who knows?….. still a week to go!!

That’s it for the moment…. as we always say, check back regularly for more updates! 🙂