Great News!

We’re delighted to announce that we have secured the services of Ms. Carolyn Goodwin as Conductor and Musical Director of the Barony Choir.

Carolyn is from Cork City, and works full time in the Music Business.  Carolyn teaches music, and plays piano with  well-known and well-respected Cork Band, Fred.  Carolyn also plays Saxophone and sings, with groups such as the Carolyn Goodwin Quintet.

As you can see Carolyn is a very busy lady, and we’re  absolutely delighted she has agreed to join us.

Now that we have completed this critical step of our start-up process, we’re pretty much ready to roll and get things moving from early September, with our first meeting tentativey scheduled for Turesday September 6th.

Check back for more updates over the coming days, and we’ll be tweeting and maybe even some facebooking too.